Real "Green Jobs" Training Comes To Southern Illinois

John A. Logan College, in cooperation with Aur Beck of Advanced Energy Solutions, is now offering a series of courses that provide training to prepare the people of Southern Illinois for the "Green Jobs" market.

"Solar Knowledge For Beginners," a course offered on both March 6 and May 1, offers classroom and hands-on instruction in the basics of working with photovoltaics and other renewable energy technologies. This course provides general information on the industry and also serves as a prerequisite for future courses.

"Solar Electric Design and Installation," a course which runs from May 24 through May 28, is an introduction to the design principles and practices of the photovoltaic industry. This week-long course is primarily intended for those with construction and construction management backgrounds who seek to become skilled photovoltaic installers, electricians, or designers. This course will be followed by a second course from June 1 through June 5 that offers advanced, detailed instruction in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems, including hands-on practical experience. Those who successfully complete this course will have the knowledge and skill sets required for entry level positions within the renewable energy industry. The final exam for this course will be a nationally-recognized exam for renewable energy professionals.

The current economic recession has left Southern Illinois with workers of various trades and skill levels looking for new forms of employment. The "Green Jobs" market -- solar energy, wind power, energy efficiency, ecological farming, and related fields -- offers new opportunities to workers who have been left behind by the recession. However, many of these jobs require new or additional training. The "Solar Knowledge For Beginners" and "Solar Electric Design and Installation" courses provide such training for workers interested in entering the photovoltaic industry.

For more information on this course, contact instructor Aur Beck at (618) 893-1717 or John A. Logan College's Department of Continuing Education at (618) 457-7676 extension 8248.