Contact the Big Muddy IMC

The Big Muddy Independent Media Center is run by a volunteer collective -- people like you who are interested in independent media and decided to get involved. Our meeting space is under renovation and currently has no phone line or internet. However, there are three other ways to contact us: join our mailing list(s), visit our social networking profiles, or talk to one of our volunteers.

Mailing Lists

Big Muddy IMC Discussion List:
General discussion of independent news, events, etc.

Big Muddy IMC Work List:
Only people who have attended a meeting should join the work list.

Social Networking

We at the Big Muddy IMC believe that independent community websites are a better source of information than websites owned by big corporations. However, we realize that most people who communicate online use corporate social networking sites. Therefore, we have profiles on Facebook and MySpace.


Big Muddy News Radio is hosted by Greg and James. You can listen to recent episodes and contact the hosts by visiting the Wage Laborer blog.

If you have a technical question or recommendation about the website, contact Treesong, our volunteer tech coordinator.