Presentation on Jan 29th

Who We Are:
Our Roles and Their Destruction,
a presentation by two regional anarchists.

Many within the Occupy movement have been drawn there because of its on horizontal and decentralized power structures, direct democracy, direct action, and a critique of social life dominated by consumer and market values. These themes have a long history within the anarchist tradition, and many anarchists have been participating in occupations throughout the country. This teach-in, while not explicitly focused on the Occupy movement, will introduce us to an anarchist analysis of wage labor and gender as exploitative social categories. It will be a chance to pursue a deeper analysis of the ways in which a capitalist economy sustains itself by shaping our daily lives, our desires, and our bodies in accordance with its demands, and to learn about the anarchistic approaches to resisting this process.

Kat Waters will discuss the interconnected systems of Capitalism and Patriarchy that constitute a war against all of us and give us reason to fight.

Padraig Lawless will give a brief explanation of various repressive roles we've been assigned and how they function, along with wage-slavery and consumerism, as means of social control.

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A and discussion.

WHERE: the Independent Media Center (214 N. Washington St., Carbondale)

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 29 @ 2pm

Readings to be discussed are available for free at the Independent Media Center or by sending an email to