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On August 8, 2008, opening ceremonies for the Summer Olympics began in Beijing: at eight minutes and eight seconds past eight o'clock.The "eights" did not symbolize sports jerseys available from jerseys wholesalers or a celebration of octagons! Rather, in the host country, "eight" is a fortunate number because it signifies wealth. What the United States famous sports stars have worn "numero 8" on their jerseys? Let's look at a few whose athletic accomplishments have inspired zealots throughout the years to place "number 8" wholesale jerseys on their own backs. Most lists of high achievers associated with the number 8 would start with MLB's Cal Ripken. One of the top shortstops ever to play baseball, Ripken livedout his entire career with the Baltimore Orioles. His durability is legend. Another baseball superstar would be Carl Yastrzemski. Captain Carl, as he was known, was the noted leftfielder for the Red Sox and gained countless honors, including 18 Wholesale nfl jerseys All Star appearances. Yankee Yogi Berra cannot be left out nfl jerseys 2012 wholesale of this poll: not only a 15-time seekingjer2 All Star and a player in fourteen World Series, the malaprop- ridden Berra was a manager after his playing years and despite changing teams more than once succeeded at managing, too. Is baseball the only endeavor with celebrated "number 8s?" Not at all. Basketball would weigh in with Kobe Bryant, of course, the Laker's superstar guard and arguably the best basketballer in the National Basketball Association since Michael Jordan. But Bryant switched his well-known number 8 a few years ago. During the 2009 Laker championship win, he wore the number twenty-four. Jersey wholesalers were delighted; his new jersey number sales have outsold his Youth Nike Jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys 2012 wholesale old. Puck zealots would probably put Bam Bam Cam Neely front and center as their pick, the high-scoring and gutsy power forward for the Canucks and the Bruins. Neely's scoring was matched only by his stick-to-itiveness in the face of serious injury; his "number 8" jersey was retired by the Bruins in his honor. Not a jersey but a car number, forever associated with the racing great Dale Earnhardt, Jr., the "number 8" car gained lots of a stock car race and signifier the whole family, beginning with Dale's racing grandfather, Ralph Earnhardt. Unfortunately, Earnhardt was unable to keep the number in 2008, when he made a move to a new company. What numeral is on his car now? The number "eighty-eight!" The National Football League, whose followers pay money for more wholesale jerseys than do the zealots of any other singlesport, would probably choose for Troy Aiken, the hall ofFameQuarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Now a sportscaster, his wholesale jerseys sales are stillrobust. The Chinese had it right: "number 8" stands for prosperity.