Rainbow Town Sunday Dec. 5 at 6 pm

Filmmaker Lauren Selmon Roberts and her collaborators spent over six months living and filming in Liberia to bring back this inspiring documentary about an orphanage that is home, family and hope to hundreds of children whose parents were killed by the civil war. At the center of this rural community is Ma Feeta, now 86, a woman exiled by war who was forced at gunpoint by soldiers on both sides of the Liberian conflict to become the caretaker of children who had lost their whole families and homes. Narrated by Ma Feeta, the children themselves, and Liberia's President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Rainbow Town is a gorgeously told story about how faith can cultivate community and creativity in the midst of wreckage. See more about the film here at http://rainbowtown.org/movie. Rainbow Town is currently making the festival circuit and garnering awards- see it here in Carbondale while Lauren Roberts (a grad student at SIU) is here to share her experiences. Filmmakers present.

Sunday December 5 at 6 pm