Seed Swap

Announcing the third Carbondale Seep Swap of the century!

March 3, 2012
Township Hall (enter from the back)

217 E. Main St. Carbondale, IL (across from Bank of Carbondale)

SWAP: 9 am to 11

PRESENTATIONS and skill sharing: 11-12

A seed swap is a free do it yourself event where people exchange seeds they have saved themselves. Are you an experienced gardener or newly curious? The public is invited to come to the Seed swap with leftover seeds, purchased seeds they have saved and what ever people have gathered and saved from their gardens or the wild. People should double check to ensure their seeds are Non-GMO (genetically modified seed) and that they are not hybrids.

The seed swap is an event that strengthens the diversity of heirloom seed germ plasm- the more different seeds get selected and redistributed in our region, the stronger our future food supply becomes. Growing food locally will help this region through times of change. It takes 7 calories of energy to produce 1 calorie of food that ends up in your grocery store: Many cities are discovering that the route back to food security is to think locally.

At the seed swap, the early birds bring the seeds, and all are welcome to attend, to learn, and no seeds are necessary if you want to get a start on your garden.

No experience necessary; people who are just thinking about growing plants for the first time are especially welcomed.

For all interested in growing their own food, herbs and flowers.

For all who are interested in food security for all in the Southern Illinois region.

Learn about the connections between local food, nutrition and economic justice.

Seeds will be shared and exchanged from 9 to 11; presentations, including hands on sessions for practical growing skills and talks about the relationships between economic justice and food security will begin at 11.

The Seed Swap this year will be nested within an extraordinary weekend of meetings and presentations that comprise the first Carbondale Social Forum! This will held at the Big Muddy Independent Media Center, 214 No. Washington Street, from noon March 3- 8 pm, and the entire following day!

More information on seed swap: Sarah Lewison